Nicole Zielinski


Denim-wearing dreamer with a love for alliteration.

with Molly the Labradoodle on a Michigan lake.

with Molly the Labradoodle on a Michigan lake.


Nicole Zielinski - Strategic Storyteller

I’m Colombian, so expressive storytelling and a flavor-expecting pallet were the two things hardwired into my being at a young age. I was raised around the table, eating delicious food and listening to my abuela’s laughter-inducing stories about her many suitors in her prime. Stories and the people from who they come inspired me to become the storyteller I am today.   

I am currently studying Advertising and Radio, Television and Film and am in my third semester of the Texas Creative Sequence at The University of Texas. My focus is in copywriting and decided to pursue it as a career when I realized I could take my love of storytelling and my innate curiosity for people and turn it into 30-second human truths.

I have found that the plethora of one-liners stored on my phone, my need to reenact the time I saw a disgruntled man pull a knife on an unbothered pigeon, and my collection of denim jackets all have a place, and that place is in advertising. Advertising allows me to make meaning of the world and share it with others in hopes of making a connection. I hope to one day create work that makes those that experience it feel as I do when sitting around a table full laughter and beautifully seasoned food – understood.

If you’d like to know more about the work I’m ready to make or how to slave over my favorite Colombian dish, Arroz con Coco, I’d love to hear from you.  





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